Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday at Bob and Carol's, and Brooks was able to come over, too.  It  was an absolutely beautiful day, so we had a great time sitting outside the whole time, admiring their lovely yard, and watching Jackson and Keenan play soccer. Bob had gotten a fancy new gas grill for Father's Day, so we had grilled flank steak for dinner (with a Bobby Flay marinade that Keenan had recommended), Carol's famous rice, and roasted brussels sprouts--a favorite dinner that we all enjoyed. The grill worked great!

Bob and Keenan

Dinner at the Langes
I brought dessert, and made one of Bob's favorites--Boston Cream Pie--which brought back memories for both of us from our childhoods, as our moms (they are sisters) used to make it. Several people had second helpings--I won't name names.

Bob with his favorite Boston Cream Pie
 In garden news, Walt and I spent the whole weekend working outside. We were lucky that the weather was good, so we got a lot done. The countdown is on for the garden tour, which is this weekend, so we did a lot of trimming, edging, deadheading, a little more mulching, and moving things around. And watering. It's going to be a hot, hot week, so I think watering is going to be the job of the week to keep things looking fresh for next weekend. I am starting to pull out some of the larkspur which is dying off, so I have some empty spots that I may need to fill with something. Always more to do in the garden.

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