Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pot Shots

Million Bells

We had a good soaking rain yesterday so I hope that will help get us through the rest of the week, which is supposed to reach into the high 90s by Friday. I can't complain too much, as my poor neighbor across the street had her lawn killed by their lawn care company. One of the guys spread grass killer instead of grass fertilizer on her lawn this spring, and so most of her lawn was killed. Of course they started to re-sod the whole yard last week during a spell of really, really hot days, and now her life is a 24/7 job of lugging sprinklers around the whole yard, trying to keep it going. Parts are not going well. What a disaster. That's happened to a couple of houses in our neighborhood this spring. You know I have pictures...

Sun Coleus
Most of my pots are doing pretty well. I had one pot of million bells fry up the weekend we were at the beach--I thought it would be okay for 2 days with water, but no such luck. I cut it way back and am hoping it will revive itself, but so far it's not looking too good. I have started the watering cycle with Miracle Gro, hoping to give them all a little boost for the garden tour. The plants that consistently do the  best for me in pots are coleus, angelonia, scaveola, perilla, vinca, the sweet potato vines, lantana (love all the lantanas, especially the hard-to-find white), swedish ivy. I love heliotropes and I always use them, but I have to baby them all summer. I am done with geraniums--no more. 

Mexican Heather
Mixed Purple Pot
Pots on deck
Potted hosta
Picasso Petunias
Scented Geranium
Mixed pots
Mixed pot, Lantana, Scaveola, Million Bells
Million Bells
Mixed pot, Perilla, Angelonia, Lantana

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  1. Looking great, Ellen. Your tour people will be v. impressed this weekend, especially when you tell them you bought most of your pot plants in PA!!