Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frederick, Md. in June

Gillian and I went to Frederick yesterday and walked around around the town, looking in shops, checking out the antiques, and poking in other people's gardens. Of course we had lunch, too.  Love the windowboxes. Love the buildings. Frederick is a great little town, full of history, and even on a weekday afternoon, there were lots of people out and about.

We happened upon a little courtyard garden, which just happened to have the largest and oldest gingko tree in the entire United States! I love love love gingko trees and I have never seen one anywhere near this big. It was in the center of a small garden tucked between two old historic houses. The garden had this plaque on the wall, so I told Gillian, sure it's open, it must be a public garden, let's go. So in we walked and were looking around, taking pictures, admiring the flowers and pots and garden sculptures, taking our time.  And then a woman walked out of one of the houses and it turns out it is her house and garden and it is indeed a private garden. She couldn't have been nicer--apparently she and her husband are bigwigs in town, he is a big name realtor, and she is a politician. She told us all about the history of her house, and the tree, and all the care they give to the tree--you wouldn't believe what they have to do to take care of it. When they built a new patio near the tree last year, they had to wrap the roots and do all kinds of protective things for the tree. She said the roots of the tree extend five blocks! Her tree company is the same company that takes care of the White House trees.  Her house dates to the 1700s, and several of the windows have original glass to that time. I love that wavy old glass. Amazing. She was so talkative and friendly, and invited us back next year for the house and garden tour, so you know that we already have it on our calendar. 

Gingko tree in background

Love that stacked stone wall!
Gillian making herself at home

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