Monday, May 27, 2013

Deck Cleaning

We had a busy Sunday, the main job being the cleaning of our deck. Usually it's done by now, but it's been such a chilly spring we just haven't gotten to it. We have a Trex deck, which I love, but it definitely needs a good cleaning once a year. It's a chore, of course, because we have to take all the pots off the deck, and the furniture, and then that leads to cleaning the furniture...and well it was a long day. On top of that, Walt swam in the morning and then ran 10 miles in the afternoon-- his triathalon is in 2 weeks!

Nice clean chairs

Hanging out under a tree

To reward ourselves for all that hard work, we decided to drive downtown to the new Shake Shack for burgers and milkshakes. We have been to Shake Shack in NYC, and it was a big deal for burger lovers when Shake Shack came to DC. It was a beautiful evening and we walked through Dupont Circle and up Connecticut Avenue,  and around some of the Dupont neighborhoods.  I practically started crying when I saw a bookstore that has been there since the 1970s, and was the first to open a cafe and offer coffee and treats. My friend Patty and I thought that was just about the very best thing possible, books and coffee too. It felt so great to be in a real bookstore,  there just aren't any left anymore.  I appreciate Barnes and Noble, but it just doesn't feel like a real bookstore. Of course that started us talking about all the old bookstores, my favorite being Savile's Bookshop on P Street in Georgetown. And Olssons on Wisconsin Ave. I could go on and on, but they're all gone. DC does have Politics and Prose, which is an awesome bookstore, but we don't get there much. Might need to take a field trip there...


Dupont Circle

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  1. A good cleaning once a year for your deck sounds great! Since you only do it once a year, better make sure that you clean it properly. If possible, use a pressure washer. Also, don't forget to stain it to help maintain its quality.