Thursday, May 2, 2013

La Fête du Muguet

Okay,  it may be May 2 but let's pretend it is May 1 again because I can't believe that I forgot to post about Muguet Day. One of my happiest memories of living in Paris many years ago was the tradition on May 1 of giving the people you love and care about little sprigs of muguet, or lily of the valley, to wish them happiness and good luck. In France, May 1 is know as La Fête du Muguet, and every corner in Paris has people selling little bouquets or pots of muguet. Of course it's  also La Fête du Travail, or "Workers Day," but I prefer to think of May 1 as Muguet Day. What a lovely way to celebrate the first day of May.

I have a lot of muguet in my garden, in fact it tends to take over certain areas so I am always pulling some out to keep it in check. I love my pink lily of the valley and I also have a variegated one. These pictures aren't the best--for some reason I find it really hard to get a good photo of them, maybe because I have to practically lie down on the grass to get a picture!

Pink Lily of the Valley

I am off to Lancaster County, PA, this morning with Eileen, Prudy, for our annual weekend of plant shopping. We'll be visiting all our favorite Amish nurseries and greenhouses and will come home on Sunday with cars packed full of plants. Lots of photos to come!

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