Thursday, May 16, 2013

Pot Shots, Mid-May

Yesterday was my favorite kind of day in the garden. I had the whole day, after meeting a friend for tea in the morning, to work outside in my garden. Most of the major chores are done,  and I planted most of my pots last week after the plant-buying trip to PA, so I could take my time and organize and arrange pots, pull out my painted garden benches, and do some little tasks like putting twine along the fence for the hyacinth beans to climb on.  Not a lot different this year with the pots, a few new combinations like that new yellow and white striped million bells (Lemon Slice) and some white lantana. I also planted an orangey combination, an angel wing begonia, an orangey-red lantana, and a Centennial geranium. That's a new color combo for me.  Nobody bought much coleus this year--for some reason we are all tired of coleus. Some of our favorite annuals for pots are angelonia, Profusion zinnias, lantanas, scaveola, heliotrope, million bells, and the usual fillers like purple and chartreuse sweet potato vine, wire vine, swedish ivy, diamond frost euphorbia. I am doing more and more succulents in pots, and I always do a few scented geraniums--I love their textured foliage and scent.

I did some weeding of course,  edging,  and pruning. It totally amazes me how fast things grow at this time of year. We have had a lot of rain the past week and I think some of my shrubs have doubled in size, in particular a burning bush (Euonymous alatus) that is taking over a corner of my yard. It's way too big for me to attempt pruning it, so I will have to wait until Walt can get to it. I did do a light pruning on my new boxwoods (planted last year). We still have to clean our deck, but it looks like rain this weekend so that may have to wait. Overall, things are looking good in the garden in mid-May.

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