Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flower Shopping in Lancaster County

When Prudy, Eileen, Judy, and I go on our plant shopping weekend in Lancaster County every spring, we shop the Amish and Mennonite nurseries and greenhouses. Some of our favorite places are Homestead Gardens, Wenger's Greenhouse,  Leabrook, Spooky Nook, and Newswangers. We have been going up there long enough so that we know which have the best geraniums, which have the cheapest fillers, the best begonias, the best perennials,  etc. These are all little places on the back roads of Lancaster Co., and it's amazing that we found these places years ago before GPS! We also hit a few of the bigger nurseries like Ken's Gardens and Espenshades, a huge garden center that has everything you could ever want (and with much bigger prices). And of course we also manage to get in our stops for chocolate at Wilbur's in Lititz, bacon and other assorted food at Weavers Market, and a fabric store or two.

Spooky Nook



Prudy's daughter Abby joined us on Friday to buy her plants,  and brought along her new baby Sydney. We let her come along so that she will drive us up to PA when we get too old!


Homestead Gardens is one of our favorites, and the ladies there remember us every year (probably because we buy so much).  This year they had these cool carts that you could load your plants on and then a young boy wheeled it to our cars! Getting fancy, Homestead.



Each day we unload our plants into the old dairy barn on the farm where we stay. That way we can organize all our plants and plan our pots and see what else we need to get the next day. Yes, we're very organized. You should see our lists...

Packing the cars is always a challenge. When we bought our car a few years ago, this shelf was a major selling point.

Another fun filled weekend doing our favorite things--talking and shopping plants with good friends. And eating pretty well, too. Let me just say--grilled sticky buns.

Eileen, Judy, Prudy, and me

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