Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Fleurs: Peonies and Iris

Ok, I know I am posting a lot about peonies lately, but oh!, the peonies this year! This must be the year of the peony, because everywhere I go, driving to work, walking through my neighborhood, cruising through town, my eye is drawn to these spectacular, over the top, traffic-stopping (in my mind traffic should be stopping)  stands of peonies. These are the regular herbaceous peonies, the old-fashioned floppy ones, and not the tree peonies, which are pretty much done around here.  These are my favorites of the herbaceous, these dark pink, scarlet peonies. The color is just so pure and velvety and the flowers are just perfection.  These are blooming with the Siberian iris, a happy mix. I'm not such a fan of Siberian iris, but they sure look better when they are blooming near these peonies.

And look who left for Paris last night? Julia is off for a 3 week trip through Europe before she joins the business world,  lucky girl.

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