Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend at the Farm

We were so lucky this weekend, as we had the most gorgeous weather for our annual plant shopping in Lancaster County.  It was sunny and cool, and the Pennsylvania countryside was the prettiest we ever remember. We've had rain and 90 degree weather on this weekend in the past, but this year was absolutely perfect, with blue skies and cool temps.  The flowering trees were just amazing--everywhere we looked there were dogwoods, redbuds, and apple trees in bloom, against the fresh green of new grass and trees.  The fields were being plowed by horse-drawn plows, and it seemed even the cows and horses were happy.  So here are some pictures of the family farm where Eileen, Prudy, Judy, and I have stayed for the past 23 years, and the surrounding countryside that we love so much. We did a lot of driving on the winding back roads looking for our greenhouses, so we pretty much stayed out of the touristy areas, and saw lots of Amish farmland. Pictures of flower shopping will come tomorrow. (I've gotta get busy planting.)

And nothing better than to relax on the farm with some margaritas and queso to celebrate Cinco (well, Quatro) de Mayo after a long day of plant shopping, and enjoy the cows in the background!

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  1. It doesn't matter if it is dos, tres or cinco a margarita and chips tastes good any time!