Friday, October 14, 2011

Garden Cleanup and Re-Seeding

I have started the emptying and cleaning of my pots this week. I like to do it on a sunny day so I can wash them out and scrub them and let them dry in the driveway. I still have the big ones to do.  Look what I found in a few of my pots:

Potatoes from my sweet potato vines! It's always such a surprise to dig these up. I wonder if they are edible? I chop up most of the foliage from the plants I pull out of the pots and put them back in my garden. It's always fun to see random things pop up next year, like this little impatiens plant in a corner of my garden. 

And these impatiens and coleus that popped up near my back faucet. All these were self-seeded except for the one pot. Vincas are good self-seeders, too.

Oh, and I decided to empty my front pots and plant mums. They were such well-shaped and pretty plants, I couldn't resist.

I reluctantly pulled the zinnias (I love my zinnias, but they were looking pretty tired) by the mailbox and replanted with these cute ornamental kale plants and some pansies. I think I need a few more pansies, but I like the colors. 

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  1. You need some bales of hay and stalks of corn around that mailbox! I did a lot of pansies and a few mums out front, put gourds and pumpkins in with my secretesia in the window box, put pumpkins on my porch and over my door, but think I need some flowering kale. Have not started pot cleanup yet. But am happy in spring when all my pots are empty and clean.