Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tree Report

The town tree guys were just here and fixed, well sort of, the pruning mess they made a few weeks ago on my autumn cherry tree. They removed the stubs they had left, and pruned a few branches on the other side to make it look a little more balanced. I was afraid to let them do too much, so I let them trim a little and then said I will have my tree guy do more pruning in the spring. I took advantage of having the town arborist here and asked him a few questions, mainly about these spots on some of my trees, which he said are just lichen and are harmless.

I was also worried about the zelkova tree and its crossing limbs. He said the worry is that they will split but he said he has never seen a zelkova split like that. So fingers crossed. It's one of my favorite trees, with such a pretty shape. It is a good lesson to have your trees pruned well when they are young. When you are planting new trees you are just so happy they are growing and don't want to cut anything off. And then before you know it, they look like this.

He liked my smoke tree and we talked about whether you should prune it every year (it's called pollarding), which is what we do. The disadvantage to that is that you don't get the smoky blooms, but otherwise the tree gets really overgrown and messy looking.

I sure hope the cherry tree will survive this latest assault.  Today is cool and rainy, so it doesn't look like a very good day to be working outside. Might be a good day for a field trip to Wegmans...

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