Sunday, October 23, 2011

Progressive Dinner, Well Not Really

Mary with a really big wine glass
Saturday night we had our progressive dinner at Lorraine and Jerry's, although it turned out to be more of a potluck since we decided not to "progress" to other people's houses.  Probaby a wise decision with all the wine we were drinking. Gillian made some spiced nuts and a dip for apps, I made Ina's butternut squash salad, Lorraine made chicken cutlets in a walnut-parmesan sauce over couscous, Betsy made her tiramisu toffee cake, and Mary brought a cheese course. Phew! That was a lot of food and a good time too. We did go across the street to look at Betsy's new kitchen, which turned out great.

Betsy cutting her yummy cake

It is beautiful out today, sunny and cool. Walt is cutting the grass and I will do a little cleanup outside and then we are going to take a drive and look for some pumpkins. They're not easy to find this year. All the rain we have had has resulted in a pumpkin shortage! Who knew.

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