Sunday, October 16, 2011

Time Out for Willards

It has been a beautiful weekend, unfortunately I had to work yesterday but today we have been getting organized in the house and getting rid of lots stuff for the town's fall Cleanup Day tomorrow. That's one of the benefits of living here, they have a spring and fall cleanup and you can put out just about anything and they will haul it away. It feels good to clean out stuff from the basement and the garage, old printers, big tv, This End Up coffee table (remember them?), old mattresses,  and lots of other junk we have amassed over the years. It's funny how you have this desire to divest yourself of things as you get older. What's really funny is to watch out the windows and see people drive by looking at your stuff.  A guy out walking his dog just picked up a wicker table I had put out.

We did some work outside too and Walt got started clearing out the siberian iris and hosta from my perennial garden that have just overtaken the area around my tree peony. They have to go!  I have also been trying to organize my pictures this weekend. What a job that is, and I still am trying to figure out the best system. The highlight, however, was having our favorite barbecue from Willards--it is the best!

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