Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sunny Wednesday

It's not easy to find some good pictures of the garden today, but here are a few I took this morning. There are still some things blooming, but most flowers are definitely in fall mode. The coleus are out of control and of course the sweet potato vines. My roses look the best they have looked in months. It seems like anything purple is still going. I kind of like the faded colors of fall.

The sun is out and it is supposed to be a beautiful day, so I have big plans for getting some things done outside. We'll see how that goes. Everything is just a mess after just a week away and a lot of rain. Here are some things I hope to accomplish:

  • cut down dying zinnias, blackened coneflowers
  • tear out zinnias around mailbox
  • weed gardens
  • edge gardens
  • empty some dying pots, million bells, petunias
  • clean up deck
  • bring in houseplants

The sedums have turned dark red and are so heavy they are practically laying on the ground.  I hate to see the end of the zinnias. They are definitely a mainstay of my garden.

A lone petunia

Faded hydranges


  1. How about your Angelonia? Mine look healthy but no flowers, just leaves. I am starting to yank them and thin things out and intend to get some pansies and mums. In Lancaster last week, I let everyone else buy mums, but I knew there was not enough room for more. I want a few more small shrubs also.

  2. My angelonia look crummy, no fleurs. I'm pulling them.

  3. what are those yellow and black/purple petunias called?

  4. Pat, I think they're called Phantom Petunias. I got them in PA.

  5. thanks - i might have to break my no yellow in the garden rule - they're cool looking. we are having all the trees in our yard trimmed today and having an old scraggly pine tree cut down. fun to watch.