Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas at Brookside Gardens

Foxglove (I think)
One of my very favorite things to do over the holidays is visit The Garden of Lights at Brookside Gardens in Silver Spring, Maryland. We went there last Friday night and it was a perfect night--cold and clear, and not too crowded as we went kind of late.  It is a beautiful garden to visit in the spring and summer and at Christmas time they do an amazing light show in the gardens, highlighting the seasons, with spring flowers, sunflowers, autumn leaves, and snowflakes, along with a rain shower and lightening bolts. Hundred of trees and shrubs are wrapped in lights and I especially love all the flowers. There are also fun animal displays, like this cute caterpillar and dolphin.

I like this view because you can see the garden it is in

A pot of hyacinths--look at those cute flower lights

Sparkly Giraffe

Beehive (and bee) in tree

I loved this frog

And a sunflower of course
I've gotta get me some of those flower lights, they are super cool. My garden would look great with those flower lights...

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