Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cherry Blossoms in December

Well first it was the clematis and now, look at this, my cherry tree is blooming! Well not blooming exactly, but there are about seven or eight cherry blossoms on it right now!!  I love seeing these strange happenings in the garden. It just shows how the garden does what it wants when it wants and that nothing in a garden goes according to schedule.

Dominique Browning wrote about gardening books in Sunday's Holiday Books section in the New York Times. I always look forward to her review of the year's gardening books. A couple that look interesting are Writing the Garden (a collection of garden essays), by David Godine,  Highline, the Inside Story of New York City's Garden in the Sky (we have been to the Highline on New York's west side and loved it--so innovative), and Home Ground, Sanctuary in the City, by Dan Pearson. Another newish book that I want to read--not in the article-- is The Curious Gardener: A Gardening Year, by Anna Pavord.

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