Monday, December 12, 2011

A Busy Holiday Weekend

Book Group 2011--Gillian, Mel, Ellen, Sue, Norene, Liz
This weekend was really, really busy. I worked all day on Saturday and we had our holiday open house at the library all day, which means hordes of people come in for the free cookies and punch, and craft activities for the kids. We also had the local high school choir sing in the afternoon, and a small orchestra group played Christmas music, which was so nice, and made the whole library feel festive and Christmasy. Having music in the library is the best. I wish we had it all the time.
Orchestra playing at library
Saturday was also Walt's birthday, so that night we went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant  in Reston Town Center, and Brooks was able to join us. 
Walt on his big 6-0
On Sunday morning, my book group met in Leesburg for our annual Christmas brunch at Tuscarora's, a restaurant we have been going to for the past few years because we love their Sunday brunch.  Everyone was able to come except for Mary (we missed you Mary), and Liz made a surprise appearance and told us she will join us again for book group now that she is retired. Liz was one of our originial members, but dropped out for several years while she was working full time.  Eileen's annual Trim-A-Tree party was next at 6, but on the way, Walt and I stopped in to an Open House at a friend's house in Falls Church. She is a member of my book group at the library, and I thought it was so nice that she invited me. So we stopped there for about an hour, met lots of interesting people,  and then headed off to Eileen's. It was so fun to see everyone again, especially Eileen's brothers, Walter, John, and Dick,  who come in from California, New York and New Jersey for the occasion. The food is always really delicious and it really feels like Christmas after Eileen's party! Now I need a day to rest. Haha. No rest at this time of the year.
Gerry and Walt
Maryann, Prudy, Eileen, Kate (Maryann's daughter)
The Two Walters (Eileen's brother and my Walt)


  1. Dang, I wish I had been home for Eileen's party!!

  2. Me too wishes you were home for my party Julia.