Monday, December 5, 2011

A December Wedding

Looking out a window of the chapel
One of our oldest friends got married on Saturday, at a sweet little country chapel outside of Charlottesville, in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. It was a small wedding and the tiny chapel was lit only by candles at dusk--so pretty and intimate. We have known Dave since before we got married (he is an old friend of Walt's) and in fact he played the guitar and sang at our wedding. We are so happy for him and his new bride! It was great to be together with some of our oldest friends and enjoy a very happy occasion.

The vows
Old friends--Walt, John, Phil, Kirk, Mark, Dave (the groom)
The reception was across the road in the house where the bride was born and which still belongs to her family. It was a fabulous old house and the staircase was especially beautiful.

Champagne toasts for the Bride and Groom
Old friends--Ellen, Yasha, Kirk, Margie
I loved this staircase in the house
And my favorite part of any wedding--the cake, of course!


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