Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Memories

Brooks's first Santa visit

I always put out the Santa pictures of our kids when they were little at Christmas time, because they bring back such happy memories.  Contrary to what I see at the malls today, with long lines and music and people overload, we had very good experiences with Santa and I have very sweet memories of our Santa visits. I would take them during the week to the mall and we would make an afternoon of it, visit Santa and then go out to a fancy (for kids) lunch afterwards at the Hot Shoppes cafeteria in the mall.

Julia's first Santa visit

I vaguely remember Santa visits myself, but I do have happy memories of Christmas lunches at the Silver Grille Restaurant in Higbee's Department Store in downtown Cleveland (think A Christmas Story, it's the same store). As kids we would get a little cardboard stove at the table, and it had tiny pots and pans on it with peas and carrots and mashed potatoes. Then you would get this teeny tiny china chicken with maybe creamed chicken in it?  My cousin Bob and I love talking about those lunches and remembering all the little details, like the little pitchers of chocolate milk that came with the stove. I seem to remember Santa made an appearance during lunch. I remember walking by and admiring all the department store windows at Christmas and it was always so fun to see who had the best, Higbees, May Company, or Halles. And then there was the smell of the nut store next to May Co.--wow, that is a strong memory.  I always wanted my mom to stop in there and get some roasted nuts!


  1. Great pictures and memories, right, Patsi. I remember the smell of the nuts as well. How about the muffins at the Silver Grill and I seem to remember a metal oven, not card board, perhaps the older days. I remember the line of people, the women who seated us, would hold her hand up, send us to another women who would seat us. I loved that oven as well. Nothing like nostalgia!

  2. I was just talking to JoAnn about those muffins. She had just found the recipe for "Higbees Muffins" in a drawer. I think you can find it online.