Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dinner With Tom and Ev and the Girls

I was not a very good blogger yesterday, as this is the only picture I got of our visit with Tom and Evie and Hayden and Halle. Jill and Drew were taking advantage of the grandparents in town and went away for the night, so we only got to see the Bissell girls, and they are so sweet and well-behaved. They loved playing with Julia's doll house again, and they watched Julia make cake balls, which we all enjoyed for dessert, along with a little leftover peppermint ice cream cake. I made Ina's lasagna and salad for dinner, and Hayden had two servings of lasagna, which made me very happy!

Biff spent some time showing me how he deals with all his pictures on his computer and uses them for his blog. He stores them on a portable hard drive, thus not using tons of space on the computer. Taking pictures every day sure does fill up the memory on your computer, as I am finding, so I am looking for a better way to store my pictures, especially now that I have this fancy camera that will take up even more space.  I also gave him a library card, so he can try downloading books from our library, which he thinks has a wider selection of ebooks.

Today, it's back to work for everyone and I have to work tonight. It shouldn't be too busy in the library--don't think there will be too many kids in doing homework and projects! It's cold and rainy and dreary today, wish it would turn to SNOW!

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