Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Too Busy Baking To Blog

Apricot Bowties
Tonight is our 25-plus year old Cookie Exchange, a great tradition and the inspiration behind our fabulous cookbook which originally was going to be a cookie cookbook. I have been baking for the past few days, and I did manage to snap a few pictures post-baking and pre-assemblage. These are some of the old standbys, although the apricot bowties are a fairly new addition. I have been baking the other two for years and years. We like to try a new cookie every year, but seem to keep coming back to our favorites--rugelach, molasses (briquets), pizzelles, cranberry orange, ginger crackles,  hazelnut biscotti, lemon wafers, jam thumbprints...hmm, that's a lot of favorites! Look for more pictures tomorrow...

Chocolate Shortbread Hearts
Vanilla Pretzels

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  1. These cookie pics are cookbook worthy. Love the shine on the apricot and pretzel glaze.