Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Beautiful July Morning

Today is a beautiful day, a brief respite from the hot humid July we have been having. I was outside at 8 am, checking out the gardens, doing some deadheading and assessing things. It has been so hot that I really haven't been outside that much, so it felt good to be out with my plants again! The rain over the weekend helped a lot, so things don't look too bad. I was noticing that even my million bells are still looking good. Usually they are crisped up and gangly by now. I loved this white snapdragon that is blooming. I have a lot of pink and purple flowers, but I think white flowers might be my favorites. Note to self: Plant more white flowers next year.

The anemones are getting ready to bloom, so in a week or so there should be a sea of pink blooms. I think things are still ahead of schedule, because they don't usually bloom until mid to late August. The pots are still looking good--the coleus is taking over.

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