Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lavender Gets a Mid-Summer Trim

I have been wanting to cut back my lavenders but it has just been so hot. So this weekend I got out there early in the morning and gave them all a good trim. I like my garden all blowsy and wild, but after awhile, it kinda drives me crazy. Here's the before picture: Pretty, but you can hardly walk down the front path.

And here we are after the trim. Much better. I trim them by about a third--they will bloom again in a few weeks, and I think it is good for the plants to open them up a bit and let the sun get into the brownish interior--I think it makes for a healthier plant.

So much better, a neat and tidy walkway. Now I just need to trim those anemones on the right. And you know I'm going to scatter all those lavender seeds all over the garden, hopefully will get some new plants next year.

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