Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Neglected Areas of the Garden

I have this ugly little spot in my backyard by the water faucet and there is a vent for the furnace there and a couple of other pipes,  making it not the most attractive spot in my backyard. And also, it is beneath an underhang, so the rain doesn't reach anything there. I often would drop deadheads in this spot and other cuttings from various plants,  and a few years ago a globe thistle popped up unexpectedly. Then last year I had an old cracked pot with no bottom, so I stuck it in there and planted some coleus in it. This year I added a couple of extra snapdragons I had left over, and another pot of coleus. I had one nicotiana left and popped that in a corner. It has become my catchall spot for leftover plants. And because it is right by the faucet, I remember to give these plants a splash of water very time I turn on the hose.

So for a really ugly spot I think it has had quite the transformation! I like the idea of trying to transform these little neglected spots. Now that I have my main gardens under control, I am concentrating on these neglected areas.  I have a patch between my fence and the chimney where nothing grows except weeds, but I have pulled out the weeds and put gravel in there and then set a pot of bright pink vincas in there. It makes me happy every time I walk by and open up the gate.

That's actually one of the fun things I do when I am taking my walks around town, looking at people's yards and thinking about what I would do. A stacked stone wall with nothing on it--such a waste! An alley between two houses--such potential!

We have 4 large pine trees in our side yard where I have never done anything...I have always thought I would plant azaleas under them, but that hasn't happened. This year I put an old Adirondack chair there and a pot of impatiens and I think it looks much better too. Making the world more beautiful..., as Miss Rumphius would say.

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