Monday, January 7, 2013

Gray Days

A popular tree on Teddy Roosevelt Island

Well one of these days we'll get back to gardening, but for now there's not much to report outside in my garden. I look outside in the morning and the only interesting thing I see is the sky. Everything just seems so gray and brown and monotone right now.  We need some snow, for the garden and for some winter interest.  I checked my hellebores yesterday, but no signs of buds yet. Some bulb foliage is up, but that's just a tease. I did receive my first seed catalogue over the weekend, so even though I don't usually plant seeds, I like to look at what's new and look at pictures of what I might plant this year. I still have some clean up to do outside, leaves in the gardens,  fallen branches, borders that need to be edged, a few stray pots, but those are things to be saved for a warmer day.

Yesterday we went for a walk on Teddy Roosevelt Island right off the G-W Parkway in D.C. It's only accessible by a footbridge and only for walkers, so it's a nice place to take a walk, with miles of trails,  wildlife (didn't see any), and pretty views of  Georgetown. It's so funny to have this bit of forest in the middle of the city. There were lots of walkers and runners and dog walkers, a great day to be outside, but I kept thinking how much more interesting it will be in the spring when there's something to look at besides gray. White would be nice.

View of the Georgetown waterfront
View of Key Bridge
Hey Teddy

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