Thursday, January 17, 2013

First Hellebores

As I looked out my kitchen window early this morning,  I was excited to see a few hellebore blooms peeking out. They are such frustrating blooms, though, because they hang down and so aren't always easy to see (or photograph). There is still a lot of old foliage on them, so as soon as I start to see more buds, I will go out and cut off the old leaves. That encourages new growth and really lets the flowers show better. And so I walked around the yard, looking for anything of interest, and not finding much.

 I've always liked winter,  appreciating the respite from garden chores and having the time to read new gardening books and to think about and plan my spring garden. I have been reading the Rosemary Verey biography and am really enjoying it.  But this winter has been kind of confusing, with so many warm days that I almost feel like I should be outside doing something.

It's another gray morning, but it's cold today and we might even get some snow later this afternoon, although it sounds like we'll be lucky if we get an inch. I had to laugh last night on the news, they were already advising people what they should stock up on at the store. Seriously? Maybe tomorrow I'll have a picture of some snow...

Of course the birds bring some interest to the winter garden. I have been seeing so many cardinals!  Yesterday I saw five cardinals together (a family?), all poking around in the garden debris. Of course by the time I got my camera,  they were gone.

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