Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amaryllis Blooms

I am always so amazed when my amaryllis actually wakes up from its dormant state and starts to show signs of life. Mine first started to show some growth the second week of January and the photos below all took place within the space of a week. I shot the first photo on January 24 and the last one was this  morning, January 30. Amaryllis are really fascinating to watch, you can almost see things happening by  the minute. I most love the day when the buds are so plump and just beginning to open. And then, voila, pure spectacular-ness.

Last year my amaryllis fully opened on February 24, a whole month later than this year. I think I was pretty much on the same time frame with bringing it in and putting it in the dark basement, but it took so much longer last year for the bulb to wake up.  This is the third year of bloom for this one amaryllis and I feel pretty good about the $20 I paid for the bulb. I do think it is a little shorter than past years and the blooms are not quite as large. Well instead of admiring my beautiful blooms during the cold days of winter, I am admiring  them today on a 70 degree day. Yes this weather is stifling and it's driving me crazy. I went for a walk yesterday and didn't even need a sweatshirt. I took a walk around my garden and felt like I should be starting to pull some weeds, clear out some leaves.  I'm not ready yet for the garden. I like the winter hiatus. I guess I am going to have to think about moving further north.

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