Monday, January 28, 2013

Wintry Mix Morning

Is there anything better than snow on evergreens? I don't think so.  I  love the look of drooping limbs, heavy with snow. Well,  that's not the case here, but at least they do have a dusting of snow. We have a little wintry mix this morning, enough to delay school openings 2 hours and make for a pleasant morning sitting here with my tea and a gray and icy drizzle outside my window. I go into work at noon, so I shouldn't have any problem as it will be mostly rain by then.  No worries, though, as it's going to get up to 60 later in the week before it gets cold again over the weekend. This was a nice weekend, beginning on Friday afternoon with a delicious French bistro lunch with Eileen and Prudy at Lyon Hall in Arlington to celebrate Prudy's and my birthdays. On Saturday, Gillian and I drove out to Leesburg and Purcellville to check a few places out, and then on Sunday Walt and I went to the movies in the afternoon to see Zero Dark Thirty. We both liked it a lot, especially after the first 20 minutes with my eyes closed (torture scenes). We both thought it was really well done, and I am totally in awe of our military and the people who can plan and carry off a mission like that one.

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