Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Tree

I hate getting rid of our Christmas tree. I don't mind taking it down in the house, but I hate putting it out to the curb for pickup. It's still such a pretty, perfect tree. Of course some years it's really dried out and dropping needles like crazy, but our tree this year still seems fresh. I used to always cut our tree down after Christmas, and use the branches in my garden to protect my perennials, but I don't really do that much anymore since we never get any snow. Sometimes I drag it around the backyard and pretend it's a real tree, or use it to plan where I could plant an evergreen tree. I do love evergreens and in the middle of winter when everything is gray and barren, I wish I had some more green in my garden. And now I do!

Pretty on the deck

And in the garden

Or maybe here in the garden

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  1. I was sad to take ours down this year too. It was still so fresh and pretty but I felt silly having a tree up after new years. They are like abandoned toys when they are sitting at the curb.