Thursday, January 31, 2013

Get On With It: Winter in the Garden

I feel like I got my ass kicked this morning, after reading an article in today's Post by garden writer Adrian Higgins.  Instead of lamenting the fact that we've had such a lousy winter, he wrote about how we should count our blessings and use our mild winter to "get stuff done" and start preparing the garden for spring plantings.  I particularly loved his description of his own temperature activity table for winter gardening:

"In the teens, don't get out of bed. Twenties: Fuss with seeds indoors. Thirties: Bundle up and and do what you must in the garden. Forties: Bundle up and go get 'em. Fifties: You're in clover; make a day of it."

Because our ground is not frozen, there is a lot we can do in the garden, including pruning shrubs and trees, weeding, edging, cleaning up and straightening paths, reworking a bed to prepare for new plantings. The more we can do now the easier our spring chores will be. I need to be reminded that every time I pull a weed now that is one less weed to pull in the spring.  And as I sit here looking out the window I can see lots of things I can do, so maybe I better forget about that winter hiatus and get back out in the garden.

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